Project 117

A faith-based micro-consultancy to seek justice and correct oppression.

The Founder

Olivia Elder considers herself a modern-day woman religious. To her, faith is the theory and justice is the praxis. It is that divine framework that provides her with the urgency and drive to work toward justice. She strives to build coalitions with communities of all and no faiths to build a better world — for all of us.


Project 117 is a community-based initiative based on the principles laid out in Isaiah 1:17 to seek justice and correct oppression. We work in partnership with DC-based advocacy and faith-based organizations to create progressive, inclusive environments on both sides.


Project 117 consults and collaborates with faith-based organizations, nonprofits, universities, and local governments on policy advocacy, coalition management, partner engagement, and event/activation management. We have provided spiritual care, managed coalitions and external relationships, and even coordinated resources at rallies — for a moment or a movement, we have you covered.

Don’t believe in a better world.

Build it.

Learn to do right; seek justice, correct oppression. Bring justice to the fatherless; plead the widow’s cause.

- Isaiah 1:17

© 2021 Project 117

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